Shadow Valley Whitetails
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Pee O'd Buck
Mountin' Juice

We take pride in the quality  of our products.  EVERY bottle of                          is  guaranteed fresh and        100% pure.

Pee O'd Buck is                           dominant buck lure.  It is used as a cover scent and an attractant.  Nothing gets a mature buck on his feet and looking around more than an intruder in his territory.  Pee O'd Buck is proven to provoke a response from mature bucks.
Mountin' Juice is                           version of Doe In Heat.  Bottled 100% pure and fresh whitetail doe urine.  Our does are collected throughout the entire 6 days of their estrus cycle.  This insures that each bottle contains the exact hormones needed to attract your buck.
Curiosity is                                   "feel good" scent   It is a blend of doe, fawn and button buck deer urine.  Curiosity is an all natural smell that is designed to give a calm "everything is ok" feel to your hunting area.  It gives the affect that other deer have been present recently.
    High quality 100% deer urine
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157" 8 point shot in Pennsylvania on January 3 2013 while using Mountin' Juice doe in heat.  It works during the late rut too!!
We collected our first doe in heat on October 6 2012.  The first bottles were used the following week.  This fine 8 point is the first victim of the Mountain Gold Deer Scents Mountin' Juice.  Buck was taken on October 9 2012.