Shadow Valley Whitetails
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Shadow Valley Whitetails   -   PIEBALDS
We take great pride in our Piebald Whitetails.  Piebald coloration is a rare gene in the deer family.  Our piebalds are known for their flashy markings and the large antlers that they grow.  We have consistantly produced some of the largest racked piebald bucks that the deer farming industry has ever seen.  Patch was our first piebald buck.  Born in 2003 Patch quickly became the industries icon for piebald deer.  In 4 years of breeding, Patch sired 51 fawns, 35 of them were piebald.   That is an incredible 68%.  Patch scored an unbelieveable  180" Boone and Crocket as a clean, typical 5 x 5.  With 11" tines and a 23" spread this made him the largest clean, typical piebald ever known.  Semen from Patch and other piebalds is available for purchase.  Here are a few of the piebalds that have been born on our farm over the past few years.  All of them are Patch's children or grandchildren.